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ARIN-561, that's the name of the star that would creep across the cosmos. A natural wonder, a layer of strange energy that would shroud the rogue star, interfering with any attempts to observe it, until now...

ARIN-561 is the winner of the Students'  Choice Award at the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge committee at the 2022 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference. 


What is ARIN-561?

ARIN-561 is an educational game for helping high school students develop a basic understanding of the foundational concepts of AI. In the game, the student plays as a scientist who crash-lands...



The ARIN-561 project aims to advance the integration of the education of math within the context of artificial intelligence (AI) for high school students. Being proficient in the language of AI is key to...

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The more we learn, the less we know... 

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